The "Monitor Detect Killer" remove edid

Finally you can Remove monitor detection!

On Windows, Mac OS and Linux, you can remove the problematic monitor auto-detection in extended or single display modes.

The computer detects when a TV/monitor is ‘turned off’ or ‘switched’ to another input, then it will break your extended display to reflect the single monitor and the desktop icons are rearranged. There may even be crashes and other surprises.

Our hardware solution, the “MDK device” is a male to female modified HDMI adapter with custom integrated circuitry.

When used, the computer/device won’t receive a monitor offline trigger, thus avoiding any issues.

Here’s a quick demo:

For many, this is is a real nuisance and there is no way around it.

This annoying behaviour can happen in many situations, here’s a few:

  • You want to power-off or switch a monitor’s input, and the resolution settings, icons, windows or contents are then rearranged or displayed in a disorganized fashion
  • You use a KVM or other switcher and encounter anomalies when switching to or back to a device
  • You switch off a single monitor and all the contents including open windows are then displayed on the other monitor
  • Your monitor goes into ‘sleep mode’ and breaks your extended session or simply returns with a bad screen resolution on a single monitor or simply crashes
  • You enable a projector or any other device and it breaks or negatively affects your extended session

There is unfortunately no OS setting or registry key that can change, delete or disable monitor auto-detection.

Here’s some info about the MDK unit:

  • Since many have asked, yes we do ship during the Covid-19 outbreak period
  • It will alleviate issues where the desktop icons keep shifting/moving/rearranged especially when going to sleep
  • The unit has Male to Female HDMI connections
  • Adapters can be added if you’re not on HDMI
  • Your monitor/s will be automatically identified by the computer because we do not alter any of the HDMI functionality and the device will last forever
  • There are no batteries required
  • There are actual resistors soldered in the unit by a professional (not just a pin delete)
  • The EDID¬† (Extended Display Identification Data) is still transmitted with our device
  • There is no loss of HDMI or audio functionality or fidelity
  • Works with DisplayPort also, just add your own (DisplayPort to HDMI) adapter first before the MDK device
  • The units have been successfully tested with 4K monitors
  • Our solution is extremely useful for signage displays, video walls and gamers
  • The MDK device can also be used with an audio-video receiver and other streaming hardware
  • It can be applied to an active hdmi splitter

Depending on your hardware, you may just need one MDK device.

If you are on a dual/extended monitor set-up, test by turning off the primary monitor. If the contents don’t transfer to the secondary screen then you may just need a single one to the secondary monitor.

However, if you are on an extended desktop (more than one monitor) and want to play it safe, we suggest you get two and profit from free shipping.

Just install the MDK device on the computer’s HDMI port [not on the monitor side], that’s it!… there is nothing else to set, no driver or setting is required.

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You can make multiple purchases if needed and the devices will be added to a single package.Since many have asked, yes we do ship during the Covid-19 outbreak period.
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